IppLZO1XMT mode for ippsEncodeLZO_8u and ippsDecodeLZO_8u

IppLZO1XMT mode for ippsEncodeLZO_8u and ippsDecodeLZO_8u

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I'm curious as to whether the internal multithreading depreciation will affect the multithreaded mode of the LZO encode / decode functions. Although I can live without that mode, it does offer a significant performance benefit for my company's internal game engine load times versus the single threaded mode.

Will functions like this be replaced with something equivalent that I can thread myself? Like say if I have to decompress a large block of data I can spawn threads and decompress parts of it? Or is all consideration of multithreading being depreciated?

I realize of course that I can probably achieve something similar by breaking said large block of data up into smaller chunks and compress / decompress each chunk separately but there is something to be said for a library that takes care of those niceties itself.

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