Can't get access to latest update to MacOSX compiler

Can't get access to latest update to MacOSX compiler

Even though I recently renewed support until Aug 2013, everytime I get a notice of an update to the MacOSX compiler I'm only given the opportunity to (re)download the original release.  Anybody else having this problem?


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The Fortran XE 2013 initial release (2013.0.088) is the current release available for the XE 2013 product for OS X*. No updates have been posted for this product since the initial release was posted last month. The first XE2013 update is expected soon so expect to receive notification about that soon.

There was an update posted in early October for the previous Fortran XE 2011 product, Update 13, for OS X*. Perhaps this was the notice you received recently.

The IRC download page defaults to the latest product/update posted so despite this recent notification, one will always see the Fortran XE 2013 initial release (2013.0.088) by default currently.

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