Character rig

Character rig

Hey folk,

I realy hope one of you people is willing to help/guide me a little bit because i’m unable to solve it on my own.

I've been having this problem with exporting a animation with the content tool. It's been a 2 week struggle now though I learned quit a lot in this period I really want to solve it.

After exporting, some bones in the animation are wrongly placed and that is due to a faulty rig setup. Well i think that is why. I've learned from the help.chm that bones have a associated hierarchy accordingly to scene setup. And I've seen from other people's animations that there rig.txt is basically a dump-list made with hkxcmd. Although they didn't match scene setup. So that's confusion nr1.

Never the less I dump-listed the skeleton.hkx and the layout in that file does match the makeup from the other's that I've seen. So I think this must be right, but I was wrong. When i do a manual selection from scene and add bones according to the hierarchy I can't even recognise what is what after the export. So I trey to fix the Dump-list that I made and I almost get it done right, apart from one bone and that is messing everything up again once i rearrange them slightly.

When I check either the ControlledBlock ore the StringTable in the nif with NiSkope Some indexes are out of order because something is missing ore added extra. and i don't understand why.

I tried setting the rig up according to scene setup -> Faill
I tried setting the rig up according to other folk examples -> Fail
I tried setting the rig up according to NiControledBlock order in original  -> Fail
I tried setting the rig up  without AnimatedObjectB & Camera Controle  -> Fail and both are still added to the scene

Generally how to I, export this animation without messing everything up?

Why is AnimatedobjectB allway’s added while I only need A, and why is Camera Control always added while there both not even present in the original sequence. They are added after exporting when i remove the containers from the scene.

Should I remove the static bones from the rig file because they are not animated and that’s why everything fails?

I've uploaded the rig, controle sequance and the scene order in a table.

AnimObjectB   < - Not present @ all in the Ni StingTable/ControlledBlock in the original sequence/Always in mine after exporting
Camera Control  <- Not present @ all in the NiStingTable/ControlledBlock in the original sequence/Always in mine after exporting

Hairtop bone 02/03 allway’s missing aftet exporting

I allway’s end up with 88 controlled blocks, as you can see in the tables it should be 90

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Hey Jos S.,

It would be great if you could send us your Character asset files (ie.: 3dMax / Maya / Xsi files and the exported .hkx files that you have created with your export(preferably in XML Format)) and let us know which Havok SDK Version you are using. I will then try exporting the files from my end and should be able to let you know what is wrong with your Asset setup,


David G. Developer Support Engineer Havok

Hi David,

Great! I will upload the files probably on monday, i'm very bussy this weekend due to social obligations.

Have fun,

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