installing INTEL Compiler Suite Professional Edition for Windows 11.1 on a new laptop

installing INTEL Compiler Suite Professional Edition for Windows 11.1 on a new laptop


I have purchased INTEL Compiler Suite Professional Edition for Windows
11.1 November 2009, single user licence.

Since I wanted to use my Projects created with Compaq Visual Fortran I finally
bought Microsoft Visual Studio 10 and installed it on a new laptop.
I wanted to install Fortran compiler, the last version coming within my support was
in November 2010. At that time I have downloaded also the full version
w-fcompxe2011.0.104.exe (804 MB) which contains the version 64 bits too.
I still have the LIC file for that last update release which was accessible.
Trying to install on the new laptop (which is 64)  it stops saying that I do not have this right.

Is-it something that I should do ?

Should-I try with the 32 ?

Thanks, Florin

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Hi Florin,

According the support expiration date of your license, you should be able to install w-fcompxe2011.0.104.exe, which is Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE for 32-bit/64bit development (with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Shell and Libraries*, English version). I'm resending your license file to you. Please try to install it with this license file. Please let me know error message you see, in case you still fail to install.

Thank you.
Feilong H.
Intel Developer Support

Tools Knowledge Base:

Is it possible to retrieve a license number for serial number: ****-9JLFV7Z6?

This needs to be reininstalled onto a standalone machine that had a system crash. Re-building system again.

Thank you,

Rudolph Cartwright

Hi Rudolph,

I'm sorry that I wasn't notified by your reply.  I'm sending the license file to you in email.

ps. I masked your serial number for security reasons.


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