Add RigidBody Entity into world from from a .hkt file

Add RigidBody Entity into world from from a .hkt file


I have made a Singleton pattern design that initialises HAVOK and does all the work for me.

I can create spheres, boxes etc etc

But I can not create a rigidBody from from a .hkt file

When I try to do that I get debug error.

So my question is:

Is my code wrong or my file I create with Contenet Tools

Here is my code.

P.S: I use Visual Studio 2010, HavokContentTools_2012-1-0_20120817_32Bit_PcXs and Havok_Physics_Animation_2012-1-0_PC_XS_win32_VS2010_noSimd_keycode_perpetual_20120831

My code in pastie:

<script src=''></script>

Thank you for your time. Real Library SDK is a C++ toolbox that can create virtual reality worlds.
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