trouble with a beta1 installation

trouble with a beta1 installation

greetings, I know beta2 is out but i am trying to test some work in VVVV which currently only supports the beta1 sdk. perhaps someone has already had this problem before me.

I installed the beta1 SDK but none of the depth related samples that installed with the SDK work. the harr tracking and landmark distribution worked, but no depth demos. the camera info exe says it cannot find the camera. it looks fine in the windows device manager, i see both instances. the console window that opens while trying to initialize the camera says it's failing to find the camera and closes.

i tried it on my big beefy machine, and also my laptop. both are win7 64bit with core i7's, default installation path. same deal on both machines.

beta2 samples worked fine when i uninstalled beta1 and tried beta2. I went back to beta1, same problem as the first try... no camera working in the samples, and along with that, no vvvv use either.

any suggestions? thanks in advance.

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I think your camera has latest firmware and the SDK Beta1 can not detect the camera. I recommend you use latest SDK.

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