error #5082: Syntax error with debug mode, but works fine with release mode

error #5082: Syntax error with debug mode, but works fine with release mode

Strange things happen, and I couldn't figure out what's going on. Maybe you could help. Millions of thanks in advance.

I got bunch of error as following when I compile the projects in debug mode, but it works fine with release mode. In release mode, it compiles and runs well. I just cannot do any debugging. :-( 

error #5082: Syntax error, found '&' when expecting one of: ( , <END-OF-STATEMENT> ; [ / //

It happens at places where an old project consists of all .F programs. In these ancient .F programs, it includes a text file which has line continuation in the new free format continuation. I put the  "&" at 73 column and 6 column in the next line. It works fine before in the debug mode. When I upgrade my compiler to 2013.1.119 I got this strange thing happened.

For debug mode, command line is :

/nologo /debug:full /Od /fpp /I"C:\PLDS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\PLDS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Debug" /DWIN32=WIN32 /DMSMQ /Qvec-report0 /module:"Debug/" /object:"Debug/" /Fd"Debug\vc100.pdb" /traceback /check:bounds /libs:static /threads /dbglibs /c

In release mode, it is:

/nologo /O2 /fpp /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /I"C:\DS\trunk\base.plds\rtm\src\Release" /DWIN32=WIN32 /DMSMQ /Qvec-report0 /module:"Release/" /object:"Release/" /Fd"Release\vc100.pdb" /libs:static /threads /c

Any suggestions?

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Can you try disabling Preprocessing (/fpp) on one of these files and see if that helps? Obviously if your source depends on preprocessing that won't work...

Would you be willing to attach a ZIP file of one of the problem .F files and the corresponding include files? You can do it in a private message to me if you want, or Intel Premier Support.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Are you sure that Diagnostics > Generated Interface Checking is off in the Debug configuration? (Your command options suggest that it is off, but I wonder.) We know of a problem, fixed in an update later this month, that sounds suspiciously like what you describe, but it requires generated interface checking.

Steve - Intel Developer Support


Thank you very much for your prompt response. Turning off Check routine Interface resolves the issue. Cheers.


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