C# samples will not open in VS2008 SP1

C# samples will not open in VS2008 SP1

I downloaded the SDK today and ordered a camera.

In VS2008, I can open the C++ samples, however, the C# samples (which I need) will not open.  I get a message saying "This is a solution file for a newer version of Visual Studio".  I do not want to buy and install VS2010 (or maybe VS2012).  Is there anyway to get this to open in VS2008?

Thanks for any help!

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It's not easy, as VS2008 uses .NET 2.0 while the C# wrapper is written using .NET 4.0.

It's doable as the wrapper does not use any .NET 4.0 specific functions. You might have to recreate the project files. Unforunately, due to validation resource constraints, we are not able to provide native VS2008 project files.


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