Problem to compile OpenCL sample in VS2012

Problem to compile OpenCL sample in VS2012

There are lots of error to compile OpenCL sample: DirectX with OpenCL, DXVA with OpenCL, .etc. Almost any samples with Windows related will not compiled in VS 2012 Express. I think there may have some include errors because of the upgrade from VS 2010 project to VS2012. Should Intel provide VS 2012 project files as well? I have found auto upgrad errors in my own programs.

BTW Shall I install Media SDK to compile these samples downloaded from Intel's OpenCL sample site?

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You should not need the media SDK to compile your project. You have the latest DirectX SDK installed correct?

- Chuck

The sample name is "OpenCL* and Microsoft DirectX* Video Acceleration Surface Sharing". I am running on Windows 8 Pro in Intel's Ultrabook. The OpenCL SDK is the latest beta edition 2013. DirectX SDK is edition (June 2010) no problem. The other samples of OpenCL only display result on console worked fine.

I think Intel need to create new VS 2012 for all its samples because the upgrade from VS 2010 did not work usually.  

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