Error: Error 0x40000027 (Database interface error)

Error: Error 0x40000027 (Database interface error)

I am analysing a running program for lightweight hotspot for 20 sec duration in linux machine.

and this error occured ,not getting any idea about this..

please help

error is

 Error: Error 0x40000027 (Database interface error) -- FailedTo Complete

Operation(Error 0x40000013 (Corrupted file format) -- /tmp/tmp-1ce6319/temp.xml)

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>>> Error: Error 0x40000027 (Database interface error) -- FailedTo Complete

Operation(Error 0x40000013 (Corrupted file format) -- /tmp/tmp-1ce6319/temp.xml)>>>

Can you upload temp.xml file?

1. Did you use attach-a-process for lightweight hotspots? What was command line you used?

2. Is there same problem if you attach other process?

3. Can you do "amplxe-cl -collect lightweighthotspots -duration 20" without specifing target process, work smoothly? Lightweight-hotspots can monitor all active processes, also ensure vtune drivers are workable.


I came across this post when trying to debug this error:

amplxe: Warning: Error 0x40000026 (Database interface error) -- Cannot run data transformation `Compute CPU Usage'.

When I try to run the -collect lightweighthotspots command that you list above, I get the following error:

amplxe: Fatal error: Cannot find analysis type. Check input parameters or reinstall the product.

Is this simply some sort of syntax problem, or does this point to greater problems in my setup? What does not being able to run this command signify?

It was pointed out that database error can be related to sql functionality

Sorry to miss "-", should be: "amplxe-cl -collect lightweight-hotspots -duration 20". Any problem?

You work in a terminator, check: 1) If your using Linux account is in vtune group? For access vtune drivers? 2) In this terminator, if your log on account can communicate with running application? 3) What is output when using "amplxe-cl -collect lightweight-hotspots -target-pid your-program-pid -duration 20" ?

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