tbb::concurrent_queue push and pop with move semantics

tbb::concurrent_queue push and pop with move semantics

Hello Intel,

I'm writing a c++11-native set of libraries and am using std::unique_ptr<> - style pointers in all relevant circumstances. I see that the tbb::concurrent_queue push signature requires a copy. 

Would you please consider adding a std::move-enabled move to your push and pop signatures, as in:

void push( const T&& source );

bool try_pop( T&& destination );

Perhaps under the covers this is a bad idea, but I don't see why it would be. 

Thank you,


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Thank you for suggestion. Will see what we can do. It looks reasonable.

Thank you Wooyoung. Its probably obvious that many tbb containers etc could benefit, not just concurrent_queue as per my first inquiry. 

Regards -Jay

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