Can't build audio-video-codecs folder

Can't build audio-video-codecs folder


I followed the different steps to setup the main sample (ipp-samples. and I'm trying to build the audio-video-codecs by typing the line "perl --cmake=audio-video-codecs,ia32,vc2008,s,st,debug"

Build fails with the following error:

"6>..\..\..\..\sources\audio-video-codecs\application\common\src\umc_app_utils.cpp(44) : error C2065: 'ippCpuAVX2' : undeclared identifier"

I am using all the software required (Intel® Composer XE 2011 SP1, CMake* 2.8.8, Perl 5.12.2), except IPP 7.0 instead of IPP 7.1. Could that explain the error?

I am looking forward to your feedback, thanks in advance.

Clément Chériot

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Hi Clement,

Yes, the version difference could be the reason. AVX2 appeared in 7.1. You can manually update (simply comment everything around ippCpuAVX2) umc_app_utils.cpp file to exclude corresponding lines 43 and 44.


Regards, Sergey

Hello Sergey,

Thanks a lot, it was the explanation of the error. Now, it works great.

Clément Chériot

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