Is C++11 support contingent on gcc version?

Is C++11 support contingent on gcc version?

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I'm using Intel C++ 13.1.0 on CentOS 6.4.

Does anyone know precisely which C++11 features this supports?  The Release Notes have this ominous-sounding bullet point:

"Support for C++11 features in gcc 4.6 and 4.7 headers"

So does that mean that whatever C++ standard-library header files reside under /usr/lib are the ones used by the Intel compiler?

Also, CentOS 6.4 provides gcc 4.4.7.  Does this mean that if I want the Intel C++ compiler to have as-complete-as-possible C++11 support, I need to somehow get the header files from a newer version of G++ to reside under /usr/include?

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If you want such C++11 support, you should install a newer g++ .   That's not difficult on recent CentOS, and need not displace the one provided by CentOS. icpc uses headers and libraries from the active g++.

While the latest icpc release didn't add any C++11 features, it fixed some related bugs.

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Thanks Tim.  So does ICC, in general, use GCC's standard C/C++ libraries rather than provide its own?

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Yes, in order to be binary compatible with GNU we need to use the same header/files and libraries.

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