mpitune on MIC

mpitune on MIC

Is it possible to run mpitune only on the MIC? I have a system with two MIC cards and would like to tune performance for native mode. Regardless of which options I pass it still runs MPI processes on the host. I specified that I wanted to run only on the MIC cards by passing a host file containing only mic0 and mic1, but it seems to ignore it.

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If I understand your question, you want to run the mpitune program on the processor only? If that is the case, you can test:

1. transfer the mpitune program (compiled for Xeon Phhi(TM) only) to your coprocesssor

2. login to the coprocessor to run it


I wanted to test and tune the performance of MPI collectives between two MIC cards installed in the same host. The mpitune utility runs IMB (Intel MPI Benchmark) for which I had already compiled a version specifically for the MIC, and the Intel MPI installation knew of the the host and device versions. Also, I am unable to SSH between MIC cards so I needed to launch the test from the host node. I was finally able to get the behavior I wanted using the following command line.

mpitune -hf host.file -mh bc1012 -co -fl shm:tcp

The key argument was -mh which designates the host node as the job launcher and causes mpitune to respect the supplied host file and run only on the MIC cards. I still need to tweak a few options, but it now appears to be working.

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