[Outside Any know module] In vtune amplifier

[Outside Any know module] In vtune amplifier

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 I generated report in linux system for c++ code by attaching it to the running process using vtune amplifier  and then when I am viewing it in windows

in top -down tree , it show that [outside any known module] has taken 30 % of CPU time while for rest 70% time it shows some function names.

 I want to know what all are the possibile locations ,tasks,activities etc  where this 30% time is getting consumed  and is not mentioned in the report


Any kind of probable ideas may be helpful.


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You want to know all the possibilities without telling us what resources you use in your program.  Then it will be up to you to figure this out.

To start with, you might run ldd on your executables to see which .so are involved, and bring those and your vmlinux over to windows to put them on the VTune analyzer search path.

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Except that "[Outside any known module]" means exactly that!  If it were in vmlinux and no symbols were available, it would say "[vmlinux]".  So, the question is, does your application generate any "code on the fly?"  For example, does it JIT code?

Also, which Linux are you running on?  Is it customized in any way?

Regards, MrAnderson
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Can you post the pic of top-down tree?

As MrAnderson said there is possibility that some managed code was used in your program.

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