Driver Installation failure due to Media SDK

Driver Installation failure due to Media SDK

I posted this several months ago, and was told to post here. Anyone have any ideas on how to bypass this?

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This appears to be a 2nd Generation Core platform (Device ID 0x166) but it also appears to be getting installed on "Windows 8 N", and I do not beleive the driver being installed suppoted Windows 8 N.  (The "N" variants of the OS is missing key media components required for MediaSDK).  To use the driver 'as is' you would need to upgrade the media components of your OS.  Here is a link for information for users upgrading their OS to Windows 8 N variant:

I believe installing (and accepting licence of) Windows Media Player or other software will allow you use the driver.




So there's no driver support for Windows 8 N? I've specifically located this version of Windows since I do not want these media capabilities. I'd like a very minimal Windows OS. Are there any infs or config files I can modify to bypass this?

Correct, no publicly available driver distributed by Intel (on for Windows 8 N, but your PC vendor may have one.

While INF could easily be modified (simply remove the lines registering the problematic DLLs (4 total, 2 for 64-bit and 2 for 32-bit), the result would be an unvalidated / unsupported configuration. This may suite your needs.


That did the trick, thank you!

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