Changing the default setings

Changing the default setings


i'm writing some user-subroutines for my FEM-Analysis and have now some problems with my code. I want now to debug it, but since the compilation is handeld by the FEM-software, and the documentation doesn't say a word abot it, i see noch chance in giving the '-check all' option to the compiler.

So, is there a way to enable this option as default?



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There are two ways (which are not mutually exclusive):

  • Edit the file ifort.cfg in the {compiler path}/bin directory. This change will affect all users of the compiler, however. 
  • Use the alias mechanism of the shell. For example,
    alias ifort='ifort -L/myhomepath/lib'


i found the file, it seems to be blank, so i have no clue how i can proper edit it.
All i need is the option '-check all', how do i do that.


(I'm realy new into all of this a try to learn while doing)

You can edit the file (using su if necessary) and add -check-all as the only line in the file, or use the command cat >> ifort.cfg, then type in the line with the desired compiler options, followed by Control-D to signify end-of-input.

Works like a charm, thanks.

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