how to buy older version of C/C++ compiler

how to buy older version of C/C++ compiler

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Can anyoen tell me how I can buy an older version of C/C++ compiler. The project I am working now will need 

(1)    Intel C and C++ Compiler Version 9.1.038

But I cannto find info regarding to how to purcahse it. 


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I don't see any new question since you last asked this and acknowledged the replies.  Could you stay on the same thread which you started before?

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Some details are in thread ( answered about 3-4 days ago ).

Once again, you can not buy an older version of Intel C++ compiler. It works as follows: You need to buy some edition of Intel C++ compiler currently available and after that you will be able to download older versions down to 8.1.038 from Intel Software Registration Center.

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