Motorola XT890 Intel Atom Z2480 Medfield Crypto engine

Motorola XT890 Intel Atom Z2480 Medfield Crypto engine


I'm working with with the Motorola XT890 that has the Intel Atom z2480 processor. In the specification of the chipset it says

that has something called the security programmable execution enviroment & cripto engine,  as far as I understand this engine

has features to accelarate cryptographic algorithms such as  AES, DES, and 3DES via hardware. My question is how can I

use the crypto engine that is embedded or how can  I acess this security features?


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can you provide me a pointer where you read this information? Without some additional background it's hard to guess what was exactly ment with the accelerated cryptographic algorithms.

In general some processors have additional instructions for AES computation. You can find more information about it in our Software Developers Manuals. You will also find there an Optimization Reference Manual. Unfortunately the AES instructions are not supported on the Intel® Atom z2480 processor. 


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