How to report comparison results from command-line?

How to report comparison results from command-line?

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I have used the Compare feature from GUI by selecting two amplxe files from different runs. How can I do this on the command-line, reporting out e.g. the Summary pane of a comparison?


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Hi Lau:

I'm sorry, but right now it looks liks you would have to do this manually.  For example, output the summary report for each result in CSV format and then use a script to process the output of each report to do the comparison.

$ amplxe-cl -report summary -format=csv -csv-delimiter=comma -r r001hs > r1results.csv
$ amplxe-cl -report summary -format=csv -csv-delimiter=comma -r r002hs > r2results.csv
$ awk -f compare.awk F1=r1results.csv F2=r2results.csv > comparison.txt

Something like that.  Or, whatever your favorite scripting language is. ;)

Alternately, you can import the results in the GUI and use the Compare functionality there.

Regards, MrAnderson
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Probably you can compare them in command line directly. For example:

# amplxe-cl -report summary -csv-delimiter="," -r r007runsa -r r008runsa > r7-r8-diff.csv

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Even better!  Cool.  Thanks, Peter! ;)

Regards, MrAnderson

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