Question regarding opencl

Question regarding opencl

Is there a flag for icl to compile code that include <CL/cl.h> ??? gcc has the flag -OpenCL or so



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In case you missed it, here is a URL specifically about OpenCL support:

I read the document, but it is still not clear. I am new to OpenCL and I am sort of bouncing from AMD, NVidia and Intel. I saw that the Intel OpenCL stuff for CPU and GPU only works in windows. I saw that there is an actual kernel builder for .cl files, however I am still not getting how to connect it with a c file. I tried icl and it seems it does not have a flag /Qopencl, like /Qoffload or /Qopenmp. 



I've tries some sample programs which reads/writes images but these programs are giving many errors so I've written one program on my own but it is also giving errors. So to check whether my current device supports image processing or not, I've used the "clGetDeviceInfo" command  by passing the parameter "CL_DEVICE_IMAGE_SUPPORT" which returns value CL_FALSE. So to just check whether my system supports Image Processing or not and write a program in OpenCL which reads any image, what should I do? My GPU is Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000.

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