Run Intel MPI without mpirun/mpiexec

Run Intel MPI without mpirun/mpiexec


I am wondering does Intel MPI support a MPI run without mpirun/mpiexec in the command line?

I know that in MPI-2 standard, it supports the “dynamic process” feature, i.e., dynamically generate/spawn processes from existing MPI process.

What I am trying to do here is 1) Firstly, launch a singleton MPI process without mpirun/mpiexec in the command line; 2) Secondly, use MPI_Comm_spawn to spawn a set of process on the different host machines.

I tried to do that, but it seems that the Intel MPI cannot find the host file. Because I did not use mpirun in the command line, I used environment variable I_MPI_HYDRA_HOST_FILE to set the host file. But, still it seems it cannot find the host file.

Any idea?

Here is my package info:

Package ID: l_mpi_p_4.1.3.049
Package Contents: Intel(R) MPI Library for Linux* OS





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This is only partially supported in Linux*.  You can run an MPI application, but spawning additional ranks will fail.  Why are you unable to use mpirun to launch?

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