Cygwin and compiler

Cygwin and compiler

Hello!  This may be a stupid question but I can't find a clear answer.  It seems that whenever I try to use the icc compiler, I get errors both in Eclipse and the command line stating that there is an error with a make file or that the Cygwin path has not been set.  What file exactly am I supposed to be pointing to?  Is the cygwin make package something that my INDE should have come with?  I am relatively new to all this so please excuse any trivial questions...


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cygwin (gnu) make is an optional choice in the cygwin setup.exe installers which you find at (separate ones for 32- and 64-bit Windows modes).

If your question is about an icc provided for INDE, the INDE forum is probably more suitable for your question.  "the" icc seems to be a misguided concept, as there are several icc compilers for use independent of INDE.

What NDK version do you have? Please download the latest Intel C++ Compiler for Android at and the Getting Started Guide. You can try out the eval version.


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