Capture and Display in Intel NUC Windows 7?

Capture and Display in Intel NUC Windows 7?

Hi All,

We are planning to use Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYK or other similar kit with Windows 7 OS in our project. Project requirement is to capture video from USB 3.0 and display it on HDMI. We Capture format is 480i yCbCr and display format is 1080P. We will use 2 Display port ins 1 port(HDMI or VGA) windows 7 HOME screen will be displayed and in 2 port(HDMI) we want to display captured video from USB3.0. How can we do capture and display in Windows 7? Using Media SDK with .Net application or other application?                                             


Tejash Patel

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Hi Tehash

The Intel Media SDK can help with the decoding, processing and encoding of the "elementary video" portion of your project.  The control of USB capture, and of the HDMI display are accomplished with other tools.

Since your source video is already uncompressed 480i video frames, they can be provide as input into MediaSDK's "VPP" component if you want processing, however for Windows 7 you may be able to also simply use other 2D "blit" or "present" operations (StretchBlt, etc.) to convert the frames into format that is ready to display.  It does not sound like you have need to encode (compress) or decode (decompress) to or from any video 'codec' standard.



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