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Issue 18

Parallel Universe Magazine Issue 18


Graduate from MIT to GCC Mainline with Intel® Cilk™ Plus, by Barry Tannenbaum, Software Development Engineer, Intel
Flow Graphs, Speculative Locks, and Task Arenas in Intel® Threading Building Blocks, by Alexey Kukanov, Software Architect, Vladimir Polin, Software Engineering Manager, and Michael J. Voss, Software Architect, Threading Runtimes, Developer Products Division, Intel Software and Services Group

Also in this issue:

  • 20 Years of the MPI Standard: Now with a Common Application Binary Interface by Alexander Supalov Intel Cluster Tools Architect, and Artem Yalozo, Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Mastering Performance Challenges with the New MPI-3 Standard by Mikhail Brinskiy, Software Development Engineer, Alexander Supalov, Intel Cluster Tools Architect, Michael Chuvelev Leksikov, Intel Corporation
  • An OpenMP* Timeline by Jim Cownie, OpenMP Architect, Alejandro Duran, Application Engineer, Michael Klemm, Senior Application Engineer, and Luke Lin, OpenMP Software Product Manager
  • Leverage Your OpenCL™ Investment on Intel® Architectures by James Cownie, Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation, Simon McIntosh-Smith, University of Bristol, Arik Narkis, OpenCL Performance Architect, Intel Corporation, and Ayal Zaks, Manager, OpenCL MIC Compiler, Intel Corporation

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