Fast Track to Intel® XDK NEW

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Fast Track to Intel® XDK NEW is designed to teach experienced web developers and designers how to design, implement, and package web applications for mobile devices. The course is task-based, with you learning by performing a series of hands-on tasks. Over the next four hours you will create a web application named “Friends with Beer” that enables users to create a themed contact manager that uses many mobile-specific features such as calculating geoposition, video playback, push notifications, phone dialing, sending emails, and more!

Along with covering the basics of the Intel XDK NEW, the course focuses on best practices and design, stressing the importance of usability, optimization, and maintainability of cross-device compatible applications.

Lab instructions are designed for Windows or OS/X users who have an Android phone.

Unit 1 Assets:

Intel® XDK NEW Intro

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