Specifying Path, Library, and Include Directories

The following applies to Fortran for Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010 and 2008.

You can specify directories that the Visual Studio* project system should search for certain types of files.

To set path, library, and include directories for your Intel® Fortran project environment on a particular machine:

  1. Select Tools > Options > Intel® Composer XE > Visual Fortran. The Options dialog box appears.

  2. In the Compilers category, specify directories where the Visual Studio* project system should look for files:

    • Executables: the directories to be searched for executable files. (Works like the PATH environment variable.)

    • Libraries: the directories to be searched for libraries. (Works like the LIB environment variable.)

    • Includes: the directories to be searched for include files. (Works like the INCLUDE environment variable.) You can use macros like $(VSInstallDir) in directory names. For list of supported macros, see Supported Build Macros.

  3. Click OK.

Use the Reset and Reset All buttons to restore original installation settings for Executables, Libraries, and Includes fields. Reset restores initial settings for the currently selected compiler; Reset All restores initial settings for all compilers listed in the Selected drop-down box.


If you specify devenv or useenv on the command line to start the IDE, the IDE uses the PATH, INCLUDE, and LIB environment variables as defined for that command line when performing a build. It uses these values instead of the values defined in Tools > Options.

For more information on the devenv command, see the devenv description in the Visual Studio* documentation.

For more information on environment variables, see Supported Environment Variables.

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