Supported Build Macros

The following applies to Fortran for Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010 and 2008.

The Intel® Fortran compiler supports certain build macros for use in the Property Pages dialog boxes associated with a project. Use these macros where character strings are accepted. The macro names are not case-sensitive.

The following table lists macros supported by Visual Studio* that are also supported by the Intel® Fortran Compiler.

Macro Name


Configuration name


Platform name


Intermediate directory


Output directory


Input directory


Input path


Input name


Input filename


Input file extension


Inherit properties


Do not inherit properties


Project directory


Project path


Project name


Project filename


Project file extension


Solution directory


Solution path


Solution name


Solution filename


Solution file extension


Target directory


Target path


Target name


Target filename


Target file extension


Visual Studio* installation directory


Visual C++* installation directory


.NET Framework directory


.NET Framework version


.NET Framework SDK Directory


The Intel® Fortran compiler also supports the following macros (not supported by Visual Studio*).

Macro Name


Intel® Fortran IDE installation directory


For additional information on using build macros, see the Microsoft MSDN* online documentation.

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