Using Fortran Standard Graphics Application Projects

The following applies to Fortran for Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010 and 2008.

A Fortran standard graphics application (.EXE) is an Intel® Fortran QuickWin program with graphics that runs in a single QuickWin window. A standard graphics (QuickWin single window, sometimes called single document) application looks similar to an MS-DOS* program when manipulating the graphics hardware directly, without Windows* OS.

A Fortran standard graphics application allows graphics output (such as drawing lines and basic shapes) and other screen functions, such as clearing the screen. Standard Graphics is a subset of QuickWin. You can use all of the QuickWin graphics functions in these projects. You can use dialog boxes with these and all other project types.

You can select displayed text either as a bitmap or as text. Windows* OS provides APIs for loading and unloading bitmap files. Standard graphics applications should be written as multithreaded applications.

Fortran standard graphics (QuickWin single window ) applications are normally presented in full-screen mode. The single window can be either full-screen or have window borders and controls available. You can change between these two modes by using ALT and ENTER.

If the resolution selected matches the screen size, the application covers the entire screen; otherwise, scroll bars are present to resize the window. You cannot open additional windows in a standard graphics application. Standard graphics applications have neither a menu bar at the top of the window, nor a status bar at the bottom.

Fortran standard graphics applications are appropriate for problems that:

  • Require numerical processing and some graphics.

  • Do not require a sophisticated user interface.

To create a standard graphics application using the Visual Studio* IDE:

  1. Select the QuickWin Application project type.

  2. Select the Standard Graphics Application template.

When you select the Fortran standard graphics project type, the integrated development environment includes the QuickWin library automatically, which lets you use the graphics functions. When building from the command line, you must specify the libs option with keyword qwins. You cannot use the run-time functions meant for multiple-window projects if you are building a standard graphics project. You cannot make a Standard Graphics application a DLL.

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