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  1. Circular rotate that does not violate C/C++ standard?


    Aug 20, 2015 ... We are having trouble crafting a portable circular rotate that executes in near constant time, does not violate the standards and is guaranteed to ...

  2. Circular dependency dropped


    29 oct. 2010 ... Again I have this problem.Trying to compile one program,changed it slightly but I get this: make: Circular findiff2d.

  3. drawing an elliptical figure


    Oct 9, 2003 ... hi, I have written a code for the circular figures within the circle . But I am unable to draw the elliptical figure within the circle .Please help me in ...

  4. Splash screen stretch issue


    13 août 2015 ... ... splash screen comes stretched. Image is stretching vertically & distorting the circular logo to look like an ellipse. How to fix this issue. Thanks.

  5. Question on project build and rebuild using visual studio


    Oct 4, 2013 ... One is that you have circular module dependencies, which are not legal in the language but are ... There is no circular module dependencies.

  6. Custom gesture recognition issues.


    29 août 2013 ... For example in case of a circular gesture most of the points were in quadrant 1 and 4 and not in 2 and 3, so a circle basically doesn't even look ...

  7. Class design questions


    16 sept. 2014 ... ... to do with some of the child classes requiring specific solver routines for internal calculations. Obviously this may lead to circular referencing.

  8. Problems compiling in 9.1.028


    19 oct. 2006 ... Now seems to be exhibiting problems that would imply circular use statements -- but no error to that effect. Has anyone else reported problems ...

  9. traslation


    Sep 9, 2015 ... It is getting rotated and traslation motion in 3 directions. But i need it a motion like pendulum(semio circular motion in a plane). I tried many ...

  10. VS2013 strange behaviour/submodules/PSXE16.0


    Sep 8, 2015 ... This type of behaviour I have experienced before when the project has circular dependencies. This project has three files, a module file with ...

  11. Compiling CDFTF example


    Jul 1, 2009 ... There are circular references between the libraries. To resolve all of them successfully the libraries have to be either repeated or placed inside ...

  12. _mm_clmulepi64_si128 pclmulqdq emulation


    20 mars 2010 ... ... "disk filler" for long running applications. There is circular buffer support and start/stop triggering options available in the various -dt-* knobs.

  13. Trouble with main, header and C ++ compiler


    1 avr. 2014 ... Your redefined your variables or there is a case of circular dependency. Haut de la page. Identifiez-vous pour poster des commentaires.

  14. sequence dependences of static libs on ifort command line?


    25 janv. 2010 ... so as to request re-scanning for circular dependencies among those .a files. The MKL documentation includes examples of this. Haut de la ...

  15. howto: stop recompile when debugger strarts


    Steve Lionel (Intel). lun, 30/01/2012 - 07:42. Can you attach a ZIP of the sources so that we can investigate? Might you have any circular module dependencies?

  16. errors building and using MKL for Mac OS X


    Oct 16, 2008 ... ... you should read the material on that subject in the MKL release notes and on the MKL forum on how to deal with the circular dependencies.

  17. how to link the MKL


    4 déc. 2009 ... -Wl,--end-group directives, so as to satisfy the circular dependencies. The link advisor, on the right hand column of the forum header page, ...

  18. Problem with dynamic linking to mkl_cfg_file


    If you failed to link your lapack dependencies from mkl_core library the first time, it's because there are circular references, which can be resolved by surrounding  ...

  19. Français


    Dependency Walker should be able to resolve circular dependencies between libraries export and import sections.You can see it for example by looking at ...

  20. compiling with lapack95 routines


    Jan 24, 2011 ... The link advisor also will tell you about the linker directives for dealing with circular dependencies within MKL. Are you using 32-bit Fortran ...

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