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  1. GPU H.264 compression


    17 févr. 2015 ... I am looking for documentation to use GPU possibilities with a Core I5-4402E with an Intel® HD Graphics 4600. I am trying to use GPU ...

  2. Some problems about Compression using quickassist-technology ...


    Hi, ALL I do some compression tests using the Intel® QuickAssist Technology Data Compression API. There are some problems listed below: 1.

  3. Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives


    video/audio/speech codecs, image processing, data compression, and other ... increases in data compression and cryptography functions for Intel® Core™ i7 ...

  4. How can I transmit H264 compression data over 1GB Ethernet port?


    4 janv. 2014 ... Hello In my embedded project, I intend to use 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Haswell Processor with Integrated HD Graphics 4600 for the ...

  5. Parallel Compression 1.0 ...


    31 mars 2010 ... Hello Parallel Compression 1.0 Author: Amine Moulay Ramdane Description: Parallel Zlib and Parallel Bzip algorithms that use my Thread ...

  6. Jpeg Compression


    24 févr. 2009 ... In the next version we will add DirectX texture compression (some of algos) and PNG compression based on IPP optimized libpng library.

  7. ipp_zlib new compression levels


    1 juil. 2010 ... Hi, In IPP 7.0 beta, new compression levels are added into ipp_zlib, specifically this is consistent with standard zlib distribution Before IPP 7.0 ...

  8. I have a problem with igzip


    6 mai 2015 ... I am studying about compression algorithm and software. I have question about igzip. I download igzip library in intel homepage. But I don`t ...

  9. zlib


    18 mai 2015 ... DAAL does support zlib, among other popular data compression methods. DAAL has a general data compression/decompression API that you ...

  10. IPP 6.1 vs IPP 7.1 zlib performance


    We installed IPP 7.1 and linked the following static library functions for data compression /opt/intel/ipp/interfaces/data-compression/ipp_zlib/bin/intel64/ipp_z  ...

  11. Tout savoir sur le WiDi ! | Zone des développeurs Intel®


    9 déc. 2013 ... ... norme de compression d'un signal vidéo (codec MPEG-4 Part 10 appelé aussi MPEG-4 AVC) pouvant aller jusqu'à 60 images / secondes en ...

  12. Regarding GROMACS installation on using MIC


    [ 2%] Building C object src/external/tng_io/src/compression/CMakeFiles/ tng_compress.dir/merge_sort.c.o [ 2%] Building C object ...

  13. RFB (VNC) protocol 4.0 specification?


    TLS can handle compression transparently of the protocol it is tunneling. ... (You can think of an RFB encoding as being a compression algorithm for video data.).

  14. Jpeg sample cannot read YCbCr Lossless file


    In case of lossless compression, decoder will assume RGB image.If you know ... It should have assumed JC_RGB color space since compression is lossless.

  15. Français


    I need to maintain high quality with lossless compression. Here is what I am doing: *********************************************************** CIppImage imageIn; ...

  16. Chrome OS* – Apprendre | Zone des développeurs Intel®


    Accelerating texture compression with Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions Par RADU V. (Intel), 25/09/15 Improving ETC1 and ETC2 texture compression What is ...

  17. 2D wavelet transform with symmetric border extension


    Nov 11, 2010 ... I'm using 2D wavelet transforms for image compression. for some reason, IPP ..... hope you can help me, as this problem, and the compression ...

  18. mpeg4 encoder example problem?


    6 avr. 2004 ... And I find the m4v file is very bigger than other codec software, compression ratio is only 10 times, I use default "stefan.par" parameter file. why?

  19. Is the Intel Media SDK helpful for our application?


    We have delveloped our own compression which can reduce the mount of data down to 30%, but also the framerate will strongly decrease and this is not ...

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