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  1. G++ and GCC installation question - Intel® Developer Zone


    6 déc. 2007 ... Installation gives following information: Unable to find command "g++"! ... YaST software management option to install g++ from the SuSE DVD.

  2. Listing Flash based E-Learning System


    I also do not have any official information when exactly the beta SDK will ... my software content E numeracy in DVD format and give permanent registration .... i just want to know, whether intel is giving global partnership for flash based content ...

  3. Help finding out power consumption (newbie)


    28 août 2015 ... ... system are consuming but I am having difficulty finding the information. ... in order to use two monitors, and a dvd drive (which I don't really need). ... entire system has only 4GB at present so I cannot give it much more) and ...

  4. Few issues/questions regarding Media SDK 2.0 comparing SDK 1.5


    Oct 26, 2011 ... When H264 presets MSDK2 gives speed degradation ... For some DVD tracks, especially after positioning decoder can return frame with ... I will gather information regarding your issues and follow up with you via e-mail.

  5. Express Installer fails to update chipset in Windows 7


    Can you give us some more specific information on what you are trying to do? ... I' m trying to install the "Intel Chipset Software Installation Utilty" from the DVD ...



    23 mars 2015 ... Settings are appropriate for regular DVD Video PAL, MPEG2. ... 4500 MBit/sec Video) give MFX_ERROR_NONE, values below result in the ... notre Notice d' optimisation pour plus d'informations sur les choix et l'optimisation ...

  7. Connect Media SDK H.264 decoder DirectShow filter to H.264 ...


    If I connect Intel H.264 encoder with Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder, the ... I'll give this a try with the latest Media SDK 2012 Gold release and let you know what I find. -Tony ... Can you provide some information on the platform being used?

  8. DG965WH Drivers won't install - Intel® Developer Zone


    Is it safe to install the drivers and software for my DVD/RW? ... What info there is is poor or tatally confusing for someone not technically trained! ... if your internet connection has problem, it will give you those errors or the file you downloaded ...

  9. Hand gesture not working in unity - Intel® Developer Zone


    24 janv. 2015 ... ... burn the download file to a dvd to make an installation disk if you register for their free Windows ... You can find the version in a "Version" tab of SDK Information Viewer Tool. ... Can you give me some supported processors ?

  10. Detecting CPU topology - Intel® Developer Zone


    May 12, 2013 ... If some could give an example of decomposing of x2APIC ID. ... is an open source application which gets information from the OS for those OS ... Prevents . exe loader coming on to stage or The entire DVD ROM content is

  11. Windows 7, cannot get 1920x1080p at 60Hz (16:9)


    Aug 15, 2009 ... Here is my monitor information from Moninfo: ... a hardcore techie, so I may have got lost during the initial instructions...but I had to give it a go.

  12. Problem with the F12 key press in the DTK - Intel® Developer Zone


    Could you give me a little more information on the AMT system in question? .... I can't use the intel AMT: options (force pxe boot, force cd/dvd boot, hd boot).

  13. tried everything and camera will not work..... connects and disconnects


    Aug 11, 2015 ... ... my computer only has 3.0... but it still gives me the same start and stop situation . ... CD or DVD Device ... MOTHERBOARD INFORMATION.

  14. How to set GOP Header (I frame of GOP) timestamp


    Hello, I encoding Raw buffer into Mpeg2-DVD format using IQSV Encoder. ... In video I found some jerk and in MediaInformation- Statistic info I found some frame Lost. ... This will give you a log file showing all the encoder parameters used.

  15. Unity 5 released today - Intel® Developer Zone


    ... for download by anyone from today if you want to give it a try. http://unity3d.com / ... Luckily I have a nightly dvd backup so there's no damage to my project. ... thanks for the information, Marty G. Now i'll try to migrate my project to unity 5.

  16. Tracking of Laptops with Intel API(WIFI / IP / GPS)


    5 août 2010 ... ... this API in my C# language? if so please give me a direct link for this API. ... d' optimisation pour plus d'informations sur les choix et l'optimisation des ... Our product is written on Dvd Rom works fine for almost all computers.

  17. Upgrading SSD in Intel Haswell developer Ultrabook


    Reportez-vous à notre Notice d'optimisation pour plus d'informations sur les choix et .... Thinking I'm just going to settle for my Lenovo and give up on the ultrabooks. ... can't stick a clean M.2 SSD in the Lenovo and install Windows 8 from DVD!

  18. Memory usage tool - Intel® Developer Zone


    It gives a %MEM value that can help figure out which process is consuming the ... to improve micsmc to display this information (about file buffers and caches) ? ... I have made an application, Which is written on DVD ROM consumes 80%, It is ...

  19. Beta course module design document: Intel Performance Primitives ...


    May 13, 2008 ... This module gives a brief overview on the basic architecture (or called API ... No Tapes, CDs, or DVDs are available or provided. ii. ... 12207:95, Standard for Information Technology-Software Life Cycle Processes, IEEE, 1996.

  20. Installing problem on centos 7.1


    May 12, 2015 ... but the vainfo gives, me wrong information. ... ISO from: http://isoredirect.centos. org/centos/7/isos/x86_64/CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1503-01.iso .

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