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  1. icc cannot interpret clang-generated assembly syntax


    26 août 2015 ... Hello, I've been trying to compile Apple's Unwind library using ICC 16.0 on OSX 10.10, and icc has been complaining about "invalid instruction ...

  2. ICC errors out with MSB6006: "icl.exe" exited with code -1073741819


    14 oct. 2015 ... I've hit an error while building one of my windows DLL projects using ICC. The DLL builds fine with VC. When I switch to using Intel C++ (16.0) ...

  3. cilkpub with icc 16.0.0


    5 sept. 2015 ... There's a minor compile-time problem with cilkpub when compiling with icc 16.0. 0. Here's the compile-time error:

  4. Migration from gcc compiler to icc compiler


    Hi All,. We are planning to use icc compiler instead of existing gnu compiler. Though the icc compiler states that libraries compiled with gnu are compatible to  ...

  5. How do I know whether my icc compiler support openmp ?


    3 juin 2015 ... using gcc -fopenmp ,my code get accelate , but using icc -openmp , it turns out slower ;it seems my icc compiler doesn't support openmp , am I ...

  6. ivdep-parallel and help-pragma not working on ICC v11.1


    As far as I can tell, ICC v11.1 should support the parameter -ivdep-parallel to ignore loop dependencies for vectorisation. When I try and compile code using it I  ...

  7. error when compile parsec with icc.


    31 mars 2015 ... error when compile http://parsec.cs.princeton.edu/parsec3-doc.htm with icc. What's "/opt/intel/cc/latest"? it doesn't exist on my machine. should i ...

  8. Build R from source with Inetl MKL and ICC


    3 sept. 2015 ... OS: Fedora 22 parallel_studio_xe_2016 Hardware : 8 Thread(s) per core: 2 Vendor ID: GenuineIntel Model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K ...

  9. Fresh install of INDE/samples/icc => compile errors !


    Hello, this is my configuration: VS2015.5RC ultimate, icc 2015.4, INDE professionnal (w_inde_2015.2.027.exe), and intel media samples I just open ...

  10. Dependencies for icc


    5 nov. 2015 ... I'm working on a small script to install icc on Travis CI, and I'm pretty close to getting it working. Unfortunately, AFAICT there isn't any ...

  11. no quadruple precisionin icc! icc versus ifort


    I have just checked that ifort compiler supports quadruple precision (real*16) and keeps 35 digits while icc compiler with 'long double' supports only 20 digits ...

  12. Using OpenCV with ICC and MIC


    il y a 1 jour ... But now I'm trying to set up OpenCV for ICC and I'm not really sure what I need to do. I tried making OpenCV source using these instructions, ...

  13. icc is ok, error with icc -mmic, compilation aborted


    13 avr. 2015 ... icc is ok, error with icc -mmic, compilation aborted .... I think I should recompile these libs with "icc -mmic", as they are compiled by "gcc" or "icc".

  14. Numpy+MKL install fails: Could not locate executable icc


    Numpy+MKL install fails: Could not locate executable icc. matus s. mar, 25/11/ 2014 - 03:32. I followed the build instruction on intel's website closely but when get ...

  15. Using student license got icc: error #10052: could not checkout ...


    21 oct. 2015 ... Using student license got icc: error #10052: could not checkout FLEXlm license ... But when I try to use icc it gives me the error. Could you ...

  16. STREAM OMP benchmark compiled with ICC


    3 nov. 2015 ... Hi Everyone, I am looking for STREAM-omp benchmark for memory bandwidth test compiled with ICC (15/16). any help, link? Thanks.16.

  17. Sample code for ICC flags


    Hello All,I'm new to Intel compilers and working with group for performance optimization of application .So, I need to understand the effect of ICC flags in the  ...

  18. build and compilation Problem (icc)


    icc: warning #10361: Environment configuration problem encountered. Please check for proper MPSS installation and environment setup. tbo_sort.c(29): ...

  19. Postgresql 9 beta3 compiled (ipo) with Icc (64)


    Is not really problem, process initdb as origin icc without ipo or gnu compiler can be used only to this task. after binary with ipo can be used. Without ipo flag GNU  ...

  20. ocaml compilation fails with icc ( [pervasives.cmi] Segmentation fault ...


    26 juin 2015 ... I am trying to compile ocaml with icc, i encounter segfault ! terminal log is:

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