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  1. Intel MKL PARDISO - Parallel Direct Sparse Solver Interface | Intel ...


    Reference Manual for Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.3 - Fortran · Table of Contents ... Intel MKL PARDISO - Parallel Direct Sparse Solver Interface. This section ...

  2. Direct Sparse Solver (DSS) Interface Routines | Intel® Developer Zone


    Reference Manual for Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.3 - Fortran ... DSS interface, an alternative to the Intel MKL PARDISO interface for the direct sparse solver.



    3) Could you expose the Cholesky factors in Pardiso so that the solve for each ... Accueil › Forums › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Math Kernel Library ... I list below the other libraries (from MKL 7.0 beta)and their contents below: ... processor code is running on. mkl_solver.lib - direct sparse solver binaries.

  4. CXML vs. MKL : Sparse Solver Routines


    23 juin 2009 ... (direct solver : DSSKYF)MKL: Intel Math. Kernel Lib. (direct solver : PARDISO) I am using two direct solver (CXML and ... Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Math Kernel Library ... MKL : Sparse Solver Routines ...

  5. Question about "Working with the Intel Math Kernel Library Cluster ...


    Mar 23, 2010 ... I use the BLAS of MKL to solve sparse matrix with the unknown number more than 160,000. ... Math Kernel Library Language Interfaces Support ... Does that mean you are talking about Iterative Sparse Solvers but not direct. ... 1) if in this case you are talking about Pardiso and the input matrix size is ~160K, ...

  6. example code of Direct Sparse Solver (DSS) Interface gives wrong ...


    I am trying to use DSS routine to solver linear equation with a sparse matrix. ... Accueil › Forums › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Math Kernel Library .... MKL contains a provision for doing symbolic factorization using Pardiso.

  7. Symmetric Sparse Inversion


    4 nov. 2013 ... A and B are symetric and I'm using kernel library in FORTRAN. Haut de ... You can use the MKL PARDISO direct sparse solver for this purpose.

  8. MKL Library Capability


    In case of a "direct" approach without partitioning of source matricies a magic ... And I am already aware that MKL Pardiso solver can solve sparse matrices ...

  9. PARDISO segfault in 64 bit mode on Mac OS X


    27 mai 2015 ... Hi, I am using Intel MKL version 11.2 update 3 (latest I believe) on ... Specifically I am noticing that the PARDISO direct sparse solver is ... Accueil › Forums › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Math Kernel Library.

  10. How to use multiprocessors?


    I am testing MKL Sparse Solver PARDISO on linux with 8 processors. I've set the ... Vous êtes ici. Accueil › Forums › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Math Kernel Library .... It's seem that you link with sequential library. To check your link line ... -L"/opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/046/mkl/lib/intel64" -lmkl_intel_ilp64 \

  11. Fast solving of block-tridiagonal matrices


    Hello, I'm trying to solve SLE of form Ax=b with matrix A being large, sparse, ... MKL support direct solver for sparse matrix (PARDISO functionality), iterative ...

  12. PARDISO vs. RCI CG


    Apr 21, 2015 ... In few words Pardiso is direct solver otherwise CG is iterative. ... Execution time of MKL pardiso slightly depend on condition number that could ... -us/articles/intel- math-kernel-library-inspector-executor-sparse-blas-routines).

  13. Eigen Solver for Sparse Matrices


    Jun 17, 2009 ... Hi I am looking for an Eigen solver that directly works on sparse matrices. ... As far as I know, there is not a direct solution currently exist in MKL, ... I implemented a sub-space iteration solution where I use PARDISO for matrix inversions) ... (and other dependent libraries) running on a Windows XP or Vista.

  14. Data race conditions in daxpy in MKL 10.2 Update 6


    Intel Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL) is a highly optimized, extensively threaded, and ... Sparse BLAS: Extended data format conversion functions. ... Read these PARDISO tips to get started using this direct solver and avoid common problems.

  15. Intel MKL 10.2 Update 6 is now available


    New in Intel MKL 10.2 Update 6: New Features o Integrated Netlib LAPACK 3.2.2 ... Accueil › Forums › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Math Kernel Library ... as far as I know the feature 'Parallelized solve step in PARDISO' is a new ... Moreover sparse direct solvers are quite sensitive to a matrix structure.

  16. Pardiso vs. MATLAB backslash comparison and fast forward ...


    May 10, 2011 ... Accueil › Forums › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Math Kernel Library ... I have a 143748 X 143748 sparse matrix that I would like to solve ... I used boost::timer class for timings, are there any functions to time in MKL by the way? .... Time spent in direct solver at solve step (solve) : 0.227055 s

  17. pardiso error in linear system solution compared to gaussian ...


    Sep 8, 2015 ... I use pardiso to solve the linear system, and I regularly get solutions which ... of the solution vector x[0] = 2.197819, but pardiso reports 1.798e-8. ...... https:// software.intel.com/en-us/forums/intel-math-kernel-library/topic/. .... In MKL pardiso number of openmp threads set by function omp_set_num_threads().

  18. Help with this Paradiso Example Please


    Nov 16, 2005 ... I am able tu run the Paradiso Example Sparse Direct.cpp. Then I proceeded ... Allocate storage for the solver handle and the right-hand side. */.

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