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  1. Intel® IPP 8.2 Update 2 is now available

    Intel® IPP 8.2 Update 2 packages are now ready for download. Intel® ... Is there a separate download for multi-threaded static libraries available for Intel IPP 8.2 ...

  2. single-theaded and multi-threaded problem on win64

    Microsoft removed the static, single-threaded library. The option is not ... Download Dependency Walker. run it and drag your EXE into its window. Does it report ...

  3. Some issues about IPP 8.0.1

    We only used single thread static libraries in our products. It seems there's no ... In IPP 7.1 and IPP 8.0 multi-threaded libraries are deprecated. If you need them ...

  4. Link IPP7.0 statically in custom lib

    Jul 19, 2012 ... I created a library project (named A) with options to link IPP statically:-Use IPP: Multi-threaded static libray I also set 2 more options:-Code ... IPP provide custom dll builder sample, you may download itby going here. Library ...

  5. Eclipse 3.5 CDT 6.0 IPP 6.1 and Static Lining, Multi-threading, etc ...

    Sep 5, 2010 ... Eclipse 3.5 CDT 6.0 IPP 6.1 and Static Lining, Multi-threading, etc. under Linux ... Build->Settings->Link with Dynamic Libraries checked), but multi-threading won't start. ... I just wish this page was included in the download.

  6. h264 Encoder in 7.1 slower than in 7.0

    It works, but it's way slower than with multithreaded ones. We tested it with ... I am using IPP's static threaded libraries (not dynamic ones). I downloaded them from the website. umc_video_enc_con uses dynamic libs as I can see. Maybe that's ...

  7. libguide40.dll and libiomp5md.dll

    I'm using IPP 7.07 with multi-threaded static library. ... Thanks Ying!1) Where do I download old versions? What is ... Thereby Forming multi-thread application.

  8. Linking problem with MKL 10 under Visual C++

    Dec 14, 2007 ... I recently tried out the latest MKL 10 library for Windows (ia32 version). ... For linking, I am using a wrapper DLL library "mkl_c_dll.lib" and multi-threaded DLL linking. ... So, to be precise, these combinations of static libraries work fine with ... I would be glad if you could download the latest stable IT++ library ...

  9. using libm/libmmt with Visual Studio v6

    Jan 7, 2008 ... (I presume that libmmt is the multithreaded version of libm). ... like I really do have to download the intel compiler in order to usethe intelmath libraries. ... With the latest IPP 5.3 update we have added threaded static libraries.

  10. IPP 7.0.4 H264 error

    I'm using non-threaded static library. I have my high ... Are you plan to modify the h264 sample to make it compatible again with multithreaded software? Haut de la ... The release is available for download in Intel registraction center. Thanks,

  11. Static Linking of MKL 10.3

    Static Linking of MKL 10.3 ... "md" means multi-threaded dynamic. ... For this reason, stub libraries are much smaller than their static-link library counterparts. ... 10.3, but I don't see a place to download the libiomp5md.dll and libiomp5md.lib .

  12. Debug build cannot find PDB files...

    Aug 14, 2015 ... If you link to the static libraries (Multithreaded, instead of Multithread DLL), this ... Then hit F5 and wait for VS to download required symbols.

  13. Call Fortran DLL from C

    Add the 32bit compiler: download w_cprof_p_11.0.xxx_ia32.exe from .... C runtime library (MSVCRTD) and the static, multi-threaded C runtime library ( libcmt).

  14. Multi-threading Lifecycle & Threading Tools

    Transcript – Web Chat on Multi-threading Lifecycle and Threading Tools ... like SmartHeap library which allow seamless synchronization and allocation of .... page and download Intel® TBB. - ..... were accessing it alone, but you can use static variables to store and present .

  15. Visual Studio 2008 Linking error in IPP 7.1

    Have you downloaded the threaded libraries from the website? They are .... We added ippvm_t.lib as we use static linking but the problem is still exist. Regards.

  16. Fortran DLL does not work in EXCEL VBA

    To do this, download dependency walker from .... I set the runtime libraries option to Multithreaded and My DLL file worked in Excel ... DLL with the static libraries (Fortran > Libraries > Runtime library > Multithreaded.

  17. Data race conditions in daxpy in MKL 10.2 Update 6

    The calling code is serial, the only threading is done by MKL. ... Not fixedX13 Write vaone_mkl_em64tD.dll!0x3ab661 daxpy vaone_mkl_em64tD.dll Not fixed. ... The Intel MKL 10.3 libraries are now ready for download. ... The Intel Guide for Developing Multithreaded Applications provides guidelines for developing efficient ...

  18. error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _MAIN__ referenced in ...

    Aug 14, 2012 ... The source cpde is using PETSc packge libraries written and ... LIB (the non- debug static multithread library) and another part ... I thik what I would suggest is to set the Fortran > Library > Runtime Library option to "Multithreaded" (not ... can download them from the Intel Registration Center where you get ...

  19. Need help on "Application failed to initialize properly" message

    If you download Dependency Walker, it can tell you which DLLs you depend on. ... page to specify the Multithreaded (static) instead of Multithread DLL libraries and it is likely ... Switching to Multithreaded run-time libraries worked like a charm .

  20. Arpack

    In addition, I found that there is no multi-threaded version of ARPACK offered. ... That having been said, I found it quite simple to build the Arpack library using Intel Fortran on W8-X64. ... Download and extract the two tar.gz files from the Arpack site. ... ifort -O3 -static-intel -parallel -par-threshold0 -mkl=parallel - openmp -i8 ...

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