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  1. Rotate/Resize using more thread IPP 2017

    1 juin 2016 ... Using ippiWarpAffineLinear_8u_C3R , ippiResizeNearest_8u_C3R will it use one thread , or it's possible to set it to use more threads ?

  2. Circular rotate that does not violate C/C++ standard?

    Aug 20, 2015 ... Intel compilers lack an intrinsic to access the underlying rotate instruction. We are having trouble crafting a portable circular rotate that executes ...

  3. Rotating Indexed Bitmaps?

    This results in a rotated bitmap, but all colours are mixed up, so the result is not usable. Does anyone know if there is a function I could use to rotate indexed ...

  4. Pictures rotate when importing from native camera roll in iOS

    24 juin 2015 ... I've been following this Displaying_Picture and managed to get photos from my ...

  5. Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family. Rotate second display on ...

    27 févr. 2010 ... From my code I try rotate secondary monitor at 90 degrees. I used ChangeDisplaySettingsEx methods for do this job. On your's forum I was ...

  6. Tiled rotate with smoothing has bad edges

    14 févr. 2013 ... Tiled result has some artifacts on the edges. Here is my code: // Rotate on single image{ IppiRect dstBounds = {0, 0, pResult->GetWidth(), ...

  7. Rotate Image

    27 avr. 2010 ... I want to rotate an image so I can traverse it across the horizontal rather than the vertical. I see that there are various rotating functions in IPP.

  8. Rotated screen is not resized in portrait mode when Crosswalk is used

    Hi guys, I am having a screen resizing problem with my build with CrossWalk for Android. When I start the app everything is working fine, then I rotate the screen ...

  9. Français

    Aug 20, 2015 ... Intel compilers lack an intrinsic to access the underlying rotate instruction. We are having trouble crafting a portable circular rotate that executes .

  10. rtcSetTransform

    I'm trying to rotate an instance by setting the RTCMatrix parameter of rtcSetTransform but I can't seen to figure it out. I know it is an affine transformation matrix, ...

  11. Optimized (un)rotation of rectangular ROI

    I have an 8-bit grayscale image (e.g. 1000x1000) and rotated rectangularROI ( typically 8x32). I want to copy this rotated ROI to a regular C-style 2D array.

  12. How can I use Face tracking module with R200 placed vertically?

    Mar 16, 2016 ... Can I rotate the raw stream 90 before feed to face tracking module? But I can not find any code or function to do that in sdk manual or samples.

  13. Unity Tip: Resolving "Gimbal Lock" Rotation Problems

    Jul 17, 2015 ... The Wiki entry states that one solution that might be appropriate to Unity users is to "...rotate one or more of the gimbals to an arbitrary position ...

  14. How to correctly use ippiRotate to get expected result

    21 oct. 2010 ... I need to rotate an imagewhich is 16 bitswith a w/h. After rotation, the new rotated image should have bigger size. say (w+ deltaW)/(h+deltaH).

  15. Unity Tip: Resetting A RealSense-Powered Object's Rotation with ...

    Sep 2, 2015 ... Furthermore, a Slerp type rotation will actually rotate the object smoothly from its current position to the desired reset position, instead of doing ...

  16. Unity Tip: Incorporating Mis-Rotation Into Your Project

    Apr 23, 2015 ... It is possible to minimize or lock an object's ability to mis-rotate if it is using Position type movement. However, there is no such remedy for ...

  17. How to use VPP plugins as multi-thread?

    7 juil. 2016 ... ... question is: how can I use VPP plugins as multi-thread? I tried to change the code of 'plugin_rotate.cpp' like following, ----- Rotate::Rotate() : ".

  18. Query on ippiRotate_8u_C1R

    il y a 23 heures ... Hi, I am using "ippiRotate_8u_C1R" to rotate one image by 180 degrees. Below find code for the rotation.

  19. rtcSetTransform instance positioning

    7 juil. 2014 ... Let me explain what I do and what it does... I create a cube at origin (0,0,0) and instantiate it at (10,0,0) all works well. If I rotate the instance, ...

  20. App will not open in landscape

    If I change this to "Portrait", the app will no longer rotate to landscape which is needed to use the app. The app needs to be able to rotate in both orientations.

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