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  1. Rotate image in AcquireAccess


    6 nov. 2015 ... I want to be able to rotate a PXCMimage using the AcquireAccess() function but the following code does not actually rotate the image.

  2. Circular rotate that does not violate C/C++ standard?


    Aug 20, 2015 ... Intel compilers lack an intrinsic to access the underlying rotate instruction. We are having trouble crafting a portable circular rotate that executes ...

  3. Pictures rotate when importing from native camera roll in iOS


    24 juin 2015 ... I've been following this http://qnimate.com/create-a-camera-app-using-intel-xdk/# Displaying_Picture and managed to get photos from my ...

  4. Unity Tip: Resetting A RealSense-Powered Object's Rotation with ...


    Sep 2, 2015 ... Furthermore, a Slerp type rotation will actually rotate the object smoothly from its current position to the desired reset position, instead of doing ...

  5. Question about Character Rigidbody


    8 sept. 2010 ... It says the character rigid body has an infinite inertia tensor, it cannot rotate, does this mean I can't rotate the character rigid body even I apply ...

  6. Rotated screen is not resized in portrait mode when Crosswalk is used


    Hi guys, I am having a screen resizing problem with my build with CrossWalk for Android. When I start the app everything is working fine, then I rotate the screen ...

  7. QR Code Scan


    Jul 2, 2015 ... ... code screen automatically flips to horizontal, any help to keep the screen in portrait orientation and rotate only if I rotate the phone. document.

  8. How to simulate drag and move mouse?


    Nov 22, 2014 ... To rotate a 3D object I can move the cursor of mouse to that object and press left button down, then I can hold the left button and move mouse ...

  9. ippirotate in ipp 9.0


    27 sept. 2015 ... But that does not work. I want to rotate around the image center and the destination image resize is enlarged to show the whole rotated image:

  10. Unity Tip: Resolving "Gimbal Lock" Rotation Problems


    Jul 17, 2015 ... The Wiki entry states that one solution that might be appropriate to Unity users is to "...rotate one or more of the gimbals to an arbitrary position ...

  11. AVX - Vector shifts


    I need to perform quite often a shift operation to rotate an Avx Vector 1 byte on the left. It seems like all the instructions I need will only be available with AVX2.

  12. IppiRotate IppiGetRotateShift


    13 janv. 2015 ... This function rotates the ROI of the source image by angle degrees ( counterclockwise for positive angle values) while IppiGetRotateShift and ...

  13. make single page autorotate while lock orientation of other


    18 août 2015 ... i have make hybrid html app i want to show all pages in potriot mode while for just one page i want to allow auto rotate , how can i do this ...

  14. Force portrait orientation does not work on iOS


    27 juil. 2015 ... Hi, in "Build Settings" i choose "Orientation: Portrait" but on my iPad Air 2 (iOS 8.4 ) the orientation of the app changes if i rotate the device.

  15. issue to performance of croswalk 15


    3 oct. 2015 ... 2: now issue is when i open video( Jewelry Concept button ) and rotate deivce to landscape mode and click video to show in fullscreen mode.

  16. either scale - or start over; can't figure out either


    23 mai 2012 ... That works, but the scaling from the first graph is retained and the second graph is literally off the page (I can rotate it and see it in the heavens).

  17. Face Tracking - Remove Head Pose


    Oct 21, 2015 ... When I test my result the head continue to rotate (for example, when the subject turn his head in front of the camera). I have test with a cube with ...

  18. Filter with single diagonal kernel


    10 juil. 2015 ... For you particular case I see at least 3 solutions: (1) rotate image, then ... then rotate it back (guess it will be slower than direct filtering with 2D ...

  19. i want perform a 360 degree object scan with Intel F 200


    8 mai 2015 ... ... arrange the cameras at north, south, east and west positions around the object, or rotate one camera around the object, or rotate the object.

  20. No landscape view rotation version 1912 ios


    20 avr. 2015 ... So latest 1912 and app preview on ios wont rotate to landscape view. Stuck in portrait view. Need my app to let user switch from portrait to ...

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