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  1. Sensor size and Pixel Size


    28 oct. 2015 ... I would like to know the sensor size and the pixel size of the RealSense Camera. Does anyone know how I can find this information?

  2. detailed specifications of the sensor


    29 mai 2015 ... Hello every one, I wonder if I can get some detailed specifications of the real sense 3d camera for my study. I searched but only found very ...

  3. Internet des objets - Capteurs, actionneurs et boucliers pour donner ...


    Grove Water Flow Sensor. ID : grovewfs. Dernière ... Grove MQ5 Gas Sensor. ID : mq5. Dernière mise à jour : 9 aoû. 2015. Grove Air Quality Sensor. ID : tp401.

  4. Depth Camera and IR sensor not working, SDK examples crashes


    Apr 7, 2015 ... Hello! I am running a I5-3570 CPU @ 3.40 GHz, 8.00 GB RAM on a Windows 8.1 64Bits OS. intel_rs_sdk_offline_4.0.0.112526. Connected on ...

  5. Android* - Développement d'applications de capteur pour des ...


    19 nov. 2013 ... Sensor), Obtient la géolocalisation précise de l'appareil, Détection précise de la géolocalisation. Capteurs environnementaux, ALS

  6. Two F200 sensors support?


    25 avr. 2015 ... I'm currently using F200 sensor with intel_rs_sdk_offline_package_r_3.1.0.85181 and I'm observing that it is extremly unstable. Attaching more ...

  7. RealSense R200 not detected!


    14 nov. 2015 ... Hello, We have a R200 Realsense sensor that is not recognized, even after read all information from Intel (manuals, posts…) and all available ...

  8. How does the shutdown on overheating work ?


    monitoring sensor or perhaps another located near the CPU ? ... sensor that is factory-calibrated to trip when the processors core temperature crosses a level ...

  9. Body Scaning


    May 6, 2015 ... hello I would like to use intel realsense camera as a depth sensor for 3d body scanner.

  10. Realsense not working - Device malfunction error


    Aug 8, 2015 ... Hello, I have a Realsense F200 sensor. I have been using it for the past 2 months and it worked without any issue. But over the past week or so, ...

  11. Fix & Sample for LCD on Edison


    Here is sample javascript code that should work using the Intel XDK, which reads from the light sensor then outputs it on the LCD. Connect the light sensor for ...

  12. DHT11 node.js library for Galileo


    Oct 13, 2014 ... I'm trying to use a DHT11 Humidity/Temperature sensor on my Galileo using the XDK IDE. So far I haven't been able to accomplish this.

  13. Articles de la Zone des développeurs Intel


    Windows* 8 Sensors Sample Application – A Ball in Hole Game ... start using sensor data via Windows* 8 Sensors application programming interfaces (APIs) on ...

  14. Spacial resolution


    22 mai 2015 ... Because the two sensors have different accuracies in my experiments ... But the one sensor is always better than the other, although they share ...

  15. intel pentium D 945 processoer temp senser !


    17 nov. 2010 ... no temperature sensor working of my Intel Pentium D945... no temprature sensor software show me that what is your processor temperature .

  16. ultrabook + sensorsAPI (ie 3d compass)


    Hello, (I hope this is a good place to ask this kind of support question) I've fully implemented an asynchronous sensors api testing app. currently i'm trying to read ...

  17. Action Script 3 Accelerometer Support


    I had a quick question about the sensors in the windows 8 ultrabook. I am attempting to create a game that utilizes the accelerometer inside the ultrabook, but am ...

  18. Using C# SDK lib - Depth camera only available in Admin mode


    24 juil. 2013 ... After much digging I found that the "Depth Sensor" device is only available when visual studio is un in Admin mode. If I run it as normal I can ...

  19. POE with Galileo?


    26 mars 2014 ... There is a temp sensor within the Quark chip that you can access as well. ... That will let you compare the internal and external sensors.

  20. Français


    If you have an interest in developing location-based Windows Store apps, particularly those that use precision location sensors such as GNSS receivers, this is a ...

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