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  1. Transfer a single user license to another user


    Transfer a single user license to another user. Crystal P. mer, 11/09/2013 - 12:09. I purchased a license for the Intel Visual FORTRAN Composer XE and a ...

  2. Double Install of Intel Cluster Studio ICS with Single User License


    6 oct. 2011 ... Hello, I have a single user license for ICS 2011. I intend to install ICS on a multicore machine for developping the software. Parallel I want to ...

  3. Single Developer license question


    27 oct. 2005 ... in addition to the SINGLE-USER license, there is also e.g. SMALL ... however, a single license will get you started, as you will be able to find out ...

  4. Articles de la Zone des développeurs Intel


    This article guides you how to change your license from "named-user license" ( single user license) to floating license. 03-aoû.-2012 10:15 AM PDT. How do I ...

  5. Questions regarding Purchasing a Fortran compiler.


    Single user licenses are meant only for one user so you would have to get 10 (2 ... machine but one user, so a single user license wont work for what you need, ...

  6. License buy-out for a free commercial app


    6 nov. 2012 ... However, the 2 commercial licensing options listed below aren't very suitable for us: - single user license - products priced on a "per individual ...

  7. Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 now available!


    8 sept. 2015 ... There is a change with the single user license checking. We understand that it might be causing some difficulties, so we've created 5 articles ...

  8. Transfer Node Locked License


    3 mai 2015 ... Would it be possible to get a new license key issued? ... I guess you mean a named-user license (formerly also known as single-user license).

  9. Intel C++ Compiler 16.0 is now available in Intel Parallel Studio XE ...


    2 sept. 2015 ... There is a change with the single user license checking. We understand that it might be causing some difficulties, so we've created 5 articles ...

  10. MKL Library license requirement for R


    26 août 2015 ... ... used during compilation stage of R. Could you confirm on the licensing requirement. Should we go for Single user named license or what?

  11. Flexlm licenses


    26 juil. 2004 ... Hi We have Intel C++ Compiler in Linux with 1 User license and I have some ... The typically single user license is just that - for a single user.

  12. License SDK


    13 juil. 2012 ... -single user -original equipment manufacturer. but we didnt create hardware - only software to available mca tablets, we are not a single users ...

  13. License transfer from the accout of an employee who left the company


    How can we transfer the license to my account @company.com? ... I have a single-user license to Intel Parallel Studio XE and would like to move the license  ...

  14. flexlm


    5 mai 2014 ... Cannot Connect to Intel® Flexlm* License Server Due to Firewall ... Does a " named user license" (single user license) need an Intel® FLEXlm* ...

  15. Licenses


    23 févr. 2006 ... Please the customer has this environment: 1. license single user - Fortran, C++ and MKL ( Linux) Hardware ; SGI Altix. There are 5 nodes.

  16. License File Activation


    12 févr. 2015 ... I just received my serial number of single user Intel Cluster Studio 2015 (Linux). ... However, the license file generation page didn't show any ...

  17. Ordering Intel Fortran for Mac and Intel Fortran for Windows


    24 août 2015 ... It will be a single user license for each product. We normally order items using a ' purchase order', does Intel support this or do I need to use an ...

  18. License problem ... why is it trying to hit the internet


    Oct 30, 2009 ... Which makes no sense to me, because this is a single-user, uncounted license. Why would there be any attempt to hit the internet? And I didn't ...

  19. MKL licence installation issue?


    24 oct. 2012 ... I just purchased a single user licence for MKL for Linux. I've already installed an eval copy of MKL (assume a complete MKL). Do I need to ...

  20. License Manager won't start


    May 9, 2013 ... I'm attempting to install the vTune license manager on Windows (in this ... I can provide you a temporary single-user license that can be used by ...

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