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  1. Functional single user license installation on multiple machines

    Hi fellows Within another topic I've read: "Yes, you can. Single-user license allows the license owner to install the product on mutiple systems. however, only  ...

  2. Double Install of Intel Cluster Studio ICS with Single User License

    6 oct. 2011 ... Hello, I have a single user license for ICS 2011. I intend to install ICS on a multicore machine for developping the software. Parallel I want to ...

  3. ICC single user license questions.. ( NFS )

    20 avr. 2010 ... Is it legal to purcahse 2 single user licenses, place them both in the same license dir, and export that out VIA nfs. Then use that mount to do our ...

  4. How do I upgrade Vtune Evaluation License to a Single User License

    25 janv. 2010 ... Now I have purchased a single user license and can not find a way to enter the license key without uninstalling the product and then installing ...

  5. Correct Licensing for Fortran/C++ Compilers and MKL on Multi-user ...

    Apr 5, 2016 ... Hi, I am trying to get the pricing for licensing the Fortran and C++ compilers and the Math Kernel Library on a single-user MacBook Pro and a ...

  6. Transfer a node-locked license to a different machine

    Only floating license and single name user license are supported. ... Both are permanent in runtime and named (formerly single-user) licenses so no need to ...

  7. Single Developer license question

    27 oct. 2005 ... in addition to the SINGLE-USER license, there is also e.g. SMALL ... however, a single license will get you started, as you will be able to find out ...

  8. How to transfer license from one computer to another

    Assuming you have a normal, single-user license, there is no need to transfer a license. ... I have resend you the license file for Intel Visual Fortran Compiler ...

  9. How many machines can run concurrently with a single license?

    Dear Sir/Madam,I have bought a license for the intel visual fortran compiler for windows. ... A "single user" license is licensed to a named individual.

  10. Please help me with buying a Fortran Compiler.

    If I am holding a single-user license, can I accomplish this? My advisor ... Yes, for example, a single user license for ifort will work in parallel make mode. Haut de ...

  11. Confusion over Parallel Studio 2016 licensing?

    Aug 28, 2015 ... I have current maintenance and support for Windows and Linux Parallel Studio 2016 until Jan 2017. The license is a single user license.

  12. License requirements for app support

    Multiple people will be making use of the compiler on a single machine and this is ... as ifort, would we be OK with a single-user license or a single floating seat?

  13. floating license doesn't recognize new version

    Aug 27, 2009 ... We have Intel Visual Fortran 9.0 with a 2 seat floating license that runs on ... (For single user license, If the serial number doesn't work use the ...

  14. Installation and license problem

    After installation, I clicked the Intel license manager for Flexlm to install the license, which I ... There is no need to configure Flexlm for a single user license.

  15. Floating licensing scheme in relation to TBB, IPP and MKL

    14 janv. 2014 ... Hi, in my company we are looking into purchasing licenses for MKL, TBB, and IPP. After some ... 1197/platform/user for single user licenses).

  16. Have software on multiple computers

    Apr 6, 2016 ... After reading the forums this possible if the license is used by the person that ... I' m not sure if the student version is just a single user license.

  17. Have software on multiple computers

    After reading the forums this possible if the license is used by the person that registers it. ... I'm not sure if the student version is just a single user license.

  18. Inquiry of Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition license

    il y a 14 heures ... Hi, I would like to purchase a license of Intel Parallel Studio XE ... Refer to the FAQ, question: I have a named-user license (single-user license).

  19. License buy-out for a free commercial app

    6 nov. 2012 ... However, the 2 commercial licensing options listed below aren't very suitable for us: - single user license - products priced on a "per individual ...

  20. How to implement counted License in a current uncounted License ...

    May 8, 2015 ... I am using Intel Fortran for Linux. We have a current install where the license was single user based. I have since purchased a 20 seat license.

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