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  1. __restrict promotes incorrect vectorization, ICL 16.0


    __restrict promotes incorrect vectorization, ICL 16.0. Tim Prince. ven, 09/10/2015 - 09:18. submitted as IPS 6000134001. s4113_ ( float * __restrict a, float * b,

  2. Vectorization with SIMD-enabled functions works from functions, not ...


    Nov 4, 2015 ... This loop vectorizes if it is placed in a separate function, but does not vectorize if it is inside main(). I am using Intel C++ compiler

  3. New tool available in beta: Vectorization Advisor


    May 1, 2015 ... Software must be both threaded and vectorized to get the full performance benefit from today's and tomorrow's hardware. Vectorization Advisor ...

  4. Vectorization of a function call


    Hello, I have a following problem: I have a big loop inside my program that I want to parallelize and vectorize. Inside the loop I do a lot of math computations, but ...

  5. Further Vectorization Features of the Intel Compiler


    3 avr. 2015 ... There is a free webinar “Further Vectorization Features of the Intel Compiler” coming next Tuesday talking specifically about getting more ...

  6. OpenMP and Vectorization Problem


    12) remark: vectorization support: reference C has aligned access ... 12) remark: vectorization support: unaligned access used inside loop body

  7. icc auto vectorization


    Hi, I'm quite new to icc, and I found it's optimizationquite useful. However, is there a way to tell the compilera specific chunk of code to not optimize? Basically ...

  8. changes in CEAN implications re vectorization in next release?


    Apr 29, 2015 ... CEAN seems to require vectorization now even when the compiler recognizes that its vector code is not competitive with scalar (opt-report ...

  9. vectorization (and parallelization?) in a single open mp thread


    I expected vectorization to make the code faster than loops do. Am i wrong? Maybe the vectors should be larger than a certain size? Another question : I don't  ...

  10. Vectorization report - where is it? and why such long lines in build log?


    IVF 11.1.067 VS2005I compile the following code with options /c /QxSSSE3 / Qvec-report:3 /Qvc8 (among others) but get no vectorization report messages ( even ...

  11. Inconsistent Vectorization


    It won't vectorize unless I store min(numPuffs, j + stripSize) in a temporary ... and the compiler apparently won't vectorize loops with limits containing min or max ...

  12. Vectorization : unaligned access to dynamic allocatable arrays


    May 11, 2015 ... 10) remark: vectorization support: reference cominc_mpi_mp_q1_ has unaligned access ./SRC/flux.f(112): (col. 10) remark: vectorization ...

  13. Ifort vectorization not efficient


    29 janv. 2014 ... The compiler report that nested loop is vectorized, but the execution time of that piece of code is the same without vectorization. I tried to ...

  14. Help for vectorization


    Jun 17, 2014 ... Dear Intel developers, i need to vectorize the folloe code by using intel cs 2013:

  15. vectorization support: reference x has unaligned access


    Dec 13, 2013 ... compiled with: icpc -c -xAVX -vec_report6 -openmp main.cpp. produces this output: prova.cpp(27): (col. 20) remark: vectorization support: call ...

  16. Loop vectorization and how to read optimization report


    Hello, I have this little sample code double foo(double **cache, double *prod, int iQ, int l) { double FF = 0; for (int iP = 0; iP < l; ++iP) { const double * p = cache[iP];  ...

  17. About vectorization & benchmaark "debugging"


    13 mai 2012 ... I am wondering is vectorization report just for information purpose (to know which loop cant be parallelized by compiler)?And second, can ...

  18. How to force ICC to inline and vectorize a function?


    Jun 14, 2015 ... I also added "force vectorize" pragma to the loop. Now if I leave it like this, the testing program takes 10 seconds. If I put the body of "Function" ...

  19. Suppressing vectorization remarks


    25 déc. 2014 ... Intel C++ 15.0 (Update 1) is spitting out many vectorization remarks of this form: remark: loops in this subroutine are not good vectorization ...

  20. vectorization intensity


    7 août 2013 ... Hi, I am measuring the vectorization intensity (VPU_ELEMENTS_ACTIVE/ VPU_INSTRUCTIONS_EXECUTED) on a kernel like matrix addition.

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