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SIP Gateway: Need better audio codec than G.711


tested successful WebRTC Sip Gateway to Cisco SIP Telepresence endpoints.

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VAD in SFU mode and Lock Conference Room

Hi Elmer,

1. Is it Possible for VAD in SFU mode.

2. How can i lock a conference, is there any feature available for lock conferece 



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Adding and Managing Plugins de Intel® XDK Documentation

The Intel XDK includes a Plugin Management tool in the Projects tab. The plugin manager simplifies finding, adding, and maintaining plugins for your app.

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Webinars and Videos de Intel® XDK Documentation

Provides links to recent webinars that explain key features of the Intel® XDK, such as webinars that explain using Cordova* plugins, debugging Cordova plugins, AJAX requests, web services, and the App Designer layout editor. Also provides links to several popular Intel XDK videos.

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Using and Searching Intel® XDK Docs, FAQs, and Articles de Intel® XDK Documentation

Provides information about using and searching the Intel® XDK docs and searching for Intel XDK content in articles efficiently on desktop or mobile devices.

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Additional Resources de Intel® XDK Documentation

Use the links on this page to access information about open source projects available using the Intel® XDK as well as Intel XDK templates, samples, support forums and related links.

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Intel® XDK FAQs - Cordova

Provides FAQs about using Apache Cordova* plugin APIs with Intel® XDK apps, such as adding third-party plugins, plugin variables, and selecting the right plugins for your app. It also covers specific questions related to the Admob, In-App-Purchase, Intel App Security, Capture, and Camera plugins.
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英特尔®XDK HTML5 游戏开发入门

英特尔®XDK提供的开发环境允许您创建2D画面的HTML5游戏。它包含一个 Game Asset Manager,游戏相关插件的 API,游戏样例和模板,内建代码编辑器的自动补全功能等等。

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Intel® XDK Early Access de Intel® XDK Documentation

If you are willing to try the newest features while using pre-release software to try the newest features, consider Intel® XDK Early Access.

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Hybrid Mobile App Development Tutorials

How To Develop Hybrid Mobile Application(Part – 1)


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