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Quick Installation Guide for Graphics Performance Analyzers on Windows with Intel® INDE

Intel® INDE provides a comprehensive toolset for developing applications targeting both CPU and GPUs, enriching the development experience of a game or media developer.

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Optimizing Android* Game mTricks Looting Crown on the Intel® Atom™ Platform

When you start to optimize a game, first determine where the application bottleneck is. Intel GPA can help you do this with some powerful analytic tools.If your game is CPU bound, then Intel VTune Amplifier is a helpful tool. If your game is GPU bound, then you can find more detail using Intel GPA.To fix GPU bottlenecks, you can try to find an efficient way of reducing draw calls, polygon count,...
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How Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers Help Unity* Empower the Masses

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Power Explorer

Today any review of a new processor whether it’s used in a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a phone will contain lots of information about how efficient it is and the new technologies that have been used to achieve this performance. Operating system developers spend large amounts of time optimizing improve efficiency and extend battery life, but what can be done by someone who is designing...
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A Better View of the Layers Within: Optimizing Essential Anatomy

To ensure outstanding results from 3D4Medical’s brilliant, interactive teaching and reference application for human anatomy on Android* devices, Intel pinpointed opportunities for performance i

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Graphics Performance Analyzers: Which Tools Are Available on My Platform?

Graphics Performance Analyzers are the premier tools for optimizing games on Microsoft Windows* OS. Graphics Performance Analyzers also support the analysis of games on Intel phones and tablets running the Google* Android*. This article describes the different platforms for the product, and how to download the product.
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Using Graphics Performance Analyzers with ARM*-Based Android* Devices

Graphics Performance Analyzers 2015 R1 offer support for many popular Android phones and tablets based on the ARM* architecture. See below for the full list of supported devices.

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Optimizing Assassin’s Creed® Rogue for Intel® HD Graphics

Assassin’s Creed* Rogue was optimized to run well on Intel® HD Graphics 4000 equipped PCs. This article describes what was done to enable the game to run at a solid 30 fps at 720p.
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System Analyzer Getting Started Guide

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Pour de plus amples informations sur les optimisations de compilation, consultez notre Avertissement concernant les optimisations.