Native x86 Support on Unity* Gaming Boosts Performance for JumpStart’s School of Dragons*

Authored by CRISTIANO F. (Intel)

By Cristiano Ferriera and Joseph Wells

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诊断信息 15532: 循环无法进行矢量化处理:编译时间不足妨碍了循环进行优化

Authored by tianhui s.

产品版本: Intel(R) Visual Fortran 编译器 XE


使用 Visual Fortran 编译器的优化选项 ( -O2  -Qopt-report:2 )  时出现矢量化报告,表示编译时间不足妨碍了优化。

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为基于英特尔架构的设备创建 Android 平板电脑应用

Authored by EGOR F. (Intel)

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如何使用英特尔® Inspector for Systems

Authored by tianhui s.


英特尔® System Studio 是一款全新的嵌入式软件工具套件,其中包括 Intel® Inspector for Systems。 本文将介绍如何在嵌入式平台上运行 Inspector for Systems。


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Неоднородные рабочие группы OpenCL™ 2.0

Authored by Alexey Kostadinov (Intel)

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Corel Painter* 2015 Performance Optimization on Intel 2 in 1 Computers

Authored by Tim Duncan (Intel)

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Heterogeneous Computing Pipelining

Authored by Ilya Albrekht (Intel)

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Intel® Stereo 3D SDK

Authored by Chao Huang (Intel)
Stereo 3D refers to a technique for presenting two offset images separately to each eye of the viewer. Intel recently introduced the Intel® Stereo 3D SDK, a new process technology for stereo 3D game programming. Intel Stereo 3D SDK is a Windows* application programming interface (API) for developing consumer and professional stereo 3D applications. It exposes an API for stereo 3D game developers... Last updated on 11/01/2015 - 16:24

Intel® Stereo 3D SDK

Authored by Chao Huang (Intel)

Download Intel® Stereo 3D SDK Alpha

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