Intel Parallel Studio

Authored by makifer

Intel Parallel Studio serial and parallel software development suite provides Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ developers a comprehensive tool

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Problem with cast Malloc ?? in pure C with 14.0 Intel C ++

Authored by sobolev34

Hello to everyone,

I have to compile a code in pure C with the Intel C++ 14.0 compiler; a mixed C/C++ code.

I managed to fix numerous bug, but I don't know how to do with :

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Acceler8 Contest Solution - Team : Angry Accelerating Birds

Authored by bivascu
Acceler8 Contest Solution, openMP, Kadane 2-D & 1-D algorithm Last updated on 13/08/2012 - 06:23


Authored by anthony-charbonnier (Intel)

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Introduction à la programmation parallèle - 05 OpenMP

Authored by paul-guermonprez (Intel)
Clay Breshears, expert dans l'enseignement de la programmation parallèle dans l’équipe académique d'Intel nous fait découvrir OpenMP, un moyen simple et efficace de programmer en parallèle. Last updated on 13/08/2012 - 07:56

Quelques questions gnrales sur le concours

Authored by VinceRev

Ce topic fait suite une srie d'claircissements que j'ai demand par mail sur les rgles du concours.

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Acceler8 Participation

Authored by anthony-charbonnier (Intel)

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Method used & results

Authored by Grigore Lupescu

Now that the competition is over for most of us (still going on for those that have chosen to submit 15 december) i think it's a good idea to share our method(s) and what result times we got when t

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