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About vectorization & benchmaark "debugging"

First of all, sorry if I am posting new thread over existing one if such eluded me.

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Interview de James Reinders - Intel Parallel Studio - (par Loic Joly)

Questions générales :

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Intel Array visualizer & intel Composer XE 2011 in debug mode

Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to use intel array visualizer with intel composer XE 2011 in debug mode.

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Consignes d’installation du pilote USB Intel® pour Android*

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Intel® XDK : la nouvelle voie vers des applications universelles ?

Dans un monde où les terminaux alternatifs hétérogènes se multiplient (du smartphone à la tablette en passant par la fameuse phablette), le développement multiplateforme est devenu le nouveau

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Statically linking Embree


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native mode, stop in nested loops


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Compiling libmfx - different results

I have a C++/CLI application using the Intel MSDK. This cannot link with the provided libmfx.lib because the Runtime Library parameter is different (it has to be Multithreaded [Debug] dll).

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Problem to define structure in header

Hello everybody,

I have a monolithic and big  toto.cpp code to split into a clean

toto.hpp, toto_mod.cpp, main_toto.cpp.

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Problem with compilator during Fortran and C++ interoperability


I am a new.

I have to couple two software, one written in fortran and the other in C++.

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