compilateur fortran

Authored by nader r.


est ce que le intel visual compiler contient un compilateur fortran qui travaille sir visual studio 2013?

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Fortran ==> C Interporability , and C Strutures

Authored by laurent L.

Hello everybody,

I have a problem when there are severals structures (and depandancy ???)

Consider this example :

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Problem with Visual Studio for Interoperate Fortran code and C code

Authored by laurent L.

Hello to everybody,

I have to interoperate a C code with  a Fortran Code, under Visual Studio 2010 with Intel Fortran 

and Intel C/C++.

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Problem with compilator during Fortran and C++ interoperability

Authored by sobolev34


I am a new.

I have to couple two software, one written in fortran and the other in C++.

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Tune Visual Studio Fortran,Multi Linking, error LNK2019

Authored by laurent L.


It' s been a few time that i don't poste.

I am working, in interprocedural programming for Fortran with C.

I had a big Fortran programm who "drive" all the programm.

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FYI - Intel Guide for Developing Multithreaded Applications

Authored by paul-guermonprez (Intel)

You can read the TechPack PDF attached to this post,and this page too :

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Fotran pointers traveling through C++ code

Authored by felix.arnoux

Dear all,

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Compilateurs Intel et Librairies Intel

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Une liste des compilateurs et des librairies Intel Last updated on 13/08/2012 - 09:47

Format of the archive

Authored by spoii

In the participation section of the contest: says

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difference between MD and MT

Authored by manh nguyen

Hi everyone,

      i have this code, the i complied it with MT and MD in the Fortran runtime library option. What i obtain is

10 runs with MD: 5.29 seconds in average

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