Débuter en programmation parallèle avec OpenMP*

Authored by VinceRev
Tutorial pour s'initier à la programmation parallèle avec OpenMP* en C++ Last updated on 18/03/2014 - 10:38

OpenMP Refrences

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OpenMp Tutorials

Authored by mabbady

Here are Some OpenMp Tutorials

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OpenMP task

Authored by ghefetz

Hi.I'm trying to use omp tasks in our code, but it seems that all the tasks are allocated to only one thread, and all the other threads "wait" while this thread is doing all the work.In order to po

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Authored by omar_tayel

There is a discussion on OpenMP Versus TBBClick Here

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OpenMP regions, transitions

Authored by jmikians

When I run my code in VTune, I noticed a few things.

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Reuse openMP threads

Authored by seviyor

Hi,I have designed another algorithm which I think it is fast enough, but I am more of an algorithms guy and I have a problem with parallelizing my solution with openMP: it runs a little bit faster

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Dcouverte d'OpenMP

Authored by shaolan

J'ouvre ce topic pour rassembler des questions rponses sur OpenMP.Je ne connaisais absolument pas cette API auparavant.

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OpenMP Join Barrier

Authored by jmikians


I noticed that my code spends a lot of time at "OMP Join Barrier"... yet I see no reason to do so. anyone knows what might be the cause? Or how to identify it?

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Adjust Your makefile [tips:openMP]

Authored by amorabi

I didn't find any guidelines to state how to add the openMP libraries to your makefile, so here it is:

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