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need help calling C from Fortran

I am trying to use a numerical library called UMFPACK.  20 years ago it was all fortran, but today it's in C.  The attached fortran file is a supplied sample Main program to demonstrate calling umf

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MSVC 2013 ICC 15.0: interlocked instructions do not make memory barrier for optimization?


I have my own very fast critical section implementation with interlocked intrinsic functions. It seems to be failing.

Écrit par Marián "VooDooMan" Meravý Dernière mise à jour le 01/09/2015 - 09:05

Context Sensing Plug-In for Cordova*

This plugin enables you to harness the power of the Intel® Context Sensing SDK in your Android* Cordova* application. Intel® Context Sensing SDK is a library available for Android* that helps you easily incorporate context-aware capabilities and services into your applications. The SDK is flexible, offering several methods to use the services, either independently or together. The SDK includes...
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Серия обучающих материалов по разработке приложений на устройствах Android* на базе архитектуры Intel

В этой серии видеороликов представлен обзор инструментальных средств Intel, которые доступны для разработчиков приложений Android* с использованием программного обеспечения Intel®. Как разработчик вы будете ежедневно пользоваться преимуществами этих инструментальных средств и при работе с устройствами Intel, и с устройствами других производителей. Эти инструментальные средства существенно повысят...
Écrit par Beat S. (Intel) Dernière mise à jour le 01/09/2015 - 09:12

Warning #31001: The DLL for Reading and Writing the PDB Could Not be Found on Your Path

This issue is seen when building Intel-64 program from command line using Intel C++ compiler 15.0 update 3 or 4 with "/Zi" debug option. The warning "warning #31001: The dll for reading and writing the pdb (for example, mspdb110.dll) could not be found on your path" is emitted by the Intel C++ compiler. This issue is known, and we are working on the fix for next product update. When the fix is...
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Enhanced Photography Tutorial from IDF 2015 Intel® RealSense™ Lab

The attached files contain the Enhanced Photography (EP) Lab and Solution from the IDF 2015 lab for the Intel® RealSense

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Detection of Uninitialized Floating-point Variables in Intel® Fortran

Reading from a variable before it has been written to can result in application errors that are not reproducible and can be difficult to debug, especially for global variables and variables passed as procedure arguments. The Intel® Fortran Compiler version 16 can detect accesses to a wide variety of uninitialized floating-point variables. (The feature is also available in the version 15 compiler...
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Intel® IoT Analytics with the Intel® Edison Board

These days, smartphones, tablets, laptops are ubiquitous, allowing us to surf the Internet, check emails, and chat with friends. But people want to do more with their devices—they want to manage and monitor other computers and devices remotely. To do this, they need the ability to send and receive IoT device data via the Internet. There are several Cloud-based solutions you can use that provide...
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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA)

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) are powerful, agile tools enabling game developers to utilize the full performance potential of their gaming platform, including (though not limited to) Intel® Core™ and Intel® HD Graphics, as well as Intel phones and tablets running the Android*.
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