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Оптимизировали, оптимизировали, да не выоптимизировали!

Оптимизация? Конечно, каждый сталкивался с данной задачей при разработке своих, сколь-нибудь значительных, требующих определённых вычислений, приложений. При этом способов оптимизировать код существует огромное множество, и, как следствие, различных путей сделать это в автоматическом режиме с помощью опций компилятора. Вот здесь и возникает проблема – как выбрать то, что нужно нам и не запутаться?

Fortran equivalent to Property Let?

I have a large set of code that has "global" arrays in it.  These arrays are arguments to many different SUBROUTINEs in the code.  I would like to create a module (or two or three) which make these global arrays PRIVATE but provide accessors to these arrays.  As right-hand side (RHS) arguments it is simple to create something in the module like

Error while trying to use an alternate preprocessor


I have tried unsuccessfully to use an alternate preprocessor (which I wrote myself) with Intel Visual Fortran. With the version or the 2017 beta version it fails with the same error.

Basically I activated the preprocessor in the project settings (option /fpp) and I use /Qlocation,fpp to define my preprocessor:

BUG Report: Installation parallel studio xe 2016 update 3 arch linux


this is a bug report for the people using parallel studio 2016 update 3 on arch linux (it may also involve other versions of parallel studio). Normally those problems appear in future linux distributions, since arch is a rolling release and always on newest stable software. I also didn't find anything in the forum so I'm posting this.

During the installation process in the activation section the activation process over a license server can hang up. (alternative activation -> activation over license manager)

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