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How to change the Parallel Studio version integrated into Visual Studio

The most recently installed Parallel Studio version will be integrated with Visual Studio. To change the integration to another version you have installed (remove/de-integrate, and re-integrate) follow the instructions here.
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  • Installation Error "HelpLibAgent.exe has stopped working" When Installing or Uninstalling Intel Parallel Studio 2011

    When installing or uninstalling Intel® Parallel Studio 2011 on a system with Microsoft* Visual Studio 2010*, you may see the error message "HelpLibAgent.exe has stopped working":


    Select "Close the program" to continue.

    This error does not prevent the installation or uninstallation of Intel Parallel Studio 2011. It is an issue from a 3rd party tool. It does no harm to your system.

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  • Using the Microsoft* debug heap manager with memory error analysis of Intel® Parallel Inspector

    Insight and recommendations to using memory error analysis of Intel Parallel Inspector with the Microsoft C Runtime’s debug heap manager, which by default enables dialogue boxes such as HEAP CORRUPTION DETECTED, and tracks memory usage.
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  • Intel Parallel Inspector Microsoft C runtime library debug heap manager corruption detected
  • n-bodies: a parallel TBB solution: parallel code: so what does TBB_USE_THREADING_TOOLS do?

    Our East coast Parallelism Road Show was a success, and having finally caught up with some of the work that piled up while I was gone, I’ll squeeze enough time at least to add a footnote to a previous rambling.

    n-bodies: a parallel TBB solution: parallel code: first run’s fatal flaw

    Last time when I resumed the exploration of my simple n-body gravitational simulator, I produced some performance numbers and revealed that there is a flaw in the first parallel version of the algorithm.  But then Intel® Parallel Composer Update 5 was released last week, so I updated my tools.  That means I need a new benchmark run to see how the baseline has been affected.

    Annoying error of Uninitialized Memory Access

    While analyzing a huge project with Intel® Parallel Inspector a user may get a lot of Uninitialized Memory Access errors which might considered as a false positives. In some cases these errors do not reflect the real problem in the might be annoying.
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  • Холодный Tachyon

    Чуть более месяца назад состоялся первый русскоязычный онлайн-семинар от Intel "Intel Parallel Studio workflow". На нем Кирилл Мавродиев продемонстрировал, как можно распараллелить приложение, рассматривая его как черный ящик. Другими словами была рассмотрена типичная ситуация, когда у разработчика имеется незнакомый ему код, которые необходимо модернизировать. Например, распараллелить.

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