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Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition 2016 Installation problem

Hello there!

I have previously installed a copy of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 Cluster Edition for Windows 10 64 bit, and worked fine with Integration to Visual Studio 2013. But I had to re-install Windows. Lately, I am having a problem installing the same, and have tried various approaches to combat this. It seems to be the installation of Visual C++ libraries. Below is a snippet of the error message:

Difference in Fortran Offerings?

Hello - newbie to Intel here,

I'm considering purchase of an Intel Fortran-only compiler. There seem to be two separate offerings of the Composer edition for 'Named User', with prices $649 and $1249. However, I cannot determine the differences between these two offerings from the website, perhaps someone can help me understand. The webpage is,


How to switch flexlm license model from single host to redundant servers

Currently, we are using a single host as flexlm license manager host. We would like to have redundant license host servers.

I went through the flexlm user guide to understand the requirements. As per my understanding, we need to do below steps for the migration of licenses to redundant model:

INTEL daemon (Fortran compiler) doesn't start


I have a cluster where is installed the Intel Fortran Compiler and I'm facing problems with starting  its daemon. I will give all the information I can: 

The flexlm daemon is running correctly:
root 38848 0.0 0.0 17496 1636 pts/8 S 10:23 0:00 /opt/flexlm/lmgrd -c /opt/flexlm/server.lic -l /opt/flexlm/lmgrd.log

Now, If I digit 

./lmutil lmstat -c server.lic

I get: 

Licence for "Intel® Compiler Suite Professional Edition for Windows"

We have purchase in 2010 the "Intel® Compiler Suite Professional Edition for Windows". The disk where the software was installed has crashed. I will reinstall my license but the serial number is not recognized.

Intel support say that I must use a license file in place of the serial number. They say that I can get it by contacting the users 'forum. What can I do to get this license file ?

Thank you for your answer.

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